What is an Intention?

Living with intention insures that your life reflects your deepest desires and values. Instead of reacting to life coming at you, get out front and identify, prioritize and live on purpose. According to Deepak Chopra, “An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create.”

Begin Your Journey

The Transformation Game is a tool for self-discovery. While it plays like a typical board game, it is really much more. It helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses that may be helping or hurting the achievement of personal and professional goals. Before play begins, you will set a specific and brief intention, or purpose for playing. Think about what you’d like to achieve, remember or change.

We Stand For...

Every person and organization is a reflection of what they value. If you don’t like what you see out ‘there’ or in the mirror, look at what you value. Not what you say you value, but where you actually invest your time, money and energy. This is an exciting inward journey with surprising results.

Speaking Truth to Power

Whatever you believe in, act on. Our collective efforts on issues big and small make a difference. What’s your part?

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life is a choice you can make. If you want to feel fully alive, follow these steps from Ann’s TEDxSMU Talk: be present, be grateful and don’t be afraid. Life’s too short to just go through the motions.

Expand Your Return on Intention

To have the life you want, you must first explore what, at your deepest core, you really want. Self-awareness will lead you on a journey of a lifetime.

The Civility Pledge

Be civil. That’s taking the high road, and seemingly for now, the road less traveled. We can do better. Take the Civility Pledge and it will guide you towards right action when emotions and opinions threaten to divide us.

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