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The Power of Collaboration

I saw the music documentary “Echo in the Canyon” this weekend. It was Executive Produced by Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s son whom I knew nothing about. It was an amazing stroll through my junior high years, but more importantly it was proof in the power in collaboration. Here’s the premise:

successful aging

Successful Aging

Many boomers see the aging process as an obstacle to be overcome or an opponent to fight against. Yet, we are all heading there, it’s just a matter of how and when. In the 60’s, one of the baby boomer mantras was, “Live Long and Prosper” thanks to Dr Spock

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Legacy and Leadership

One’s legacy isn’t confined to your personal legacy. People who have had an active career probably have a professional legacy to consider. And, if you’ve been the owner or leader of a company, the desire for a leadership legacy may be even stronger. Contemplation of your professional legacy goes beyond