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  • Sweet! I see an Intentional Love Note facebook page with tons of people responding to and creating their own daily love note – to them self, their family, the world. Maybe it could be a 7-day challenge or something small enough and engaging enough or maybe a one love note a week for a year.

    Here’s my love note for today:
    I recently discovered that I really do love me… and that’s a good thing – good that I know it and good that I can say it. I love me. And when I am overflowing with love, I love you, I love the world, I love my world, I love. That’s just how it works.

  • The whole thing about letting love prevail is that it really is a choice we make. My personal experience is that for so much of my life I didn’t allow myself to choose differently. This is how I was. This is how I reacted. Even if I didn’t enjoy this habitual response I didn’t give myself permission to respond differently. I can distinctly remember a situation where I did not want to go down the same dark path I had been down some many times before, yet I didn’t clearly see a different path and, probably more importantly, I felt a disconnect of sorts with “who I was” and “how I was supposed to react”. I had to give myself permission, in that moment, to choose the path never previously traveled by me. I remember this clear as day and it was quite some years ago. It’s a powerful memory. Making the choice to respond thoughtfully instead of react habitually has gotten easier and easier, thankfully. Letting love prevail is a choice we’re faced with throughout the day, especially in regards to how we feel about our self. I’ve learned I prefer to choose carefully, choose thoughtfully and lead with love – for myself.

  • Today I will talk to myself like I talk to everyone else… with only uplifting and supporting words. Like… If you want it… go after it. Play all out! You got this! There is no one more qualified than you. Decide. Decide every day. Decide you are worth it.