Free Transformation Game Demonstration via Zoom



Monday, June 20, 5-7pm central

The Transformation Game is my favorite way to understand something going on in my life. I have played for over 20 years, at least once a year and every single time I walk away with amazing insights on the issue at hand.

When playing the full game, each player brings to the game a specific intention to focus on during the game. My favorite intention – at least that I can remember – is, “I live life with joy and ease”. This intention provided me with ideas on where my thinking and actions are aligned with that intention and showed me places and ways that I am blocking it.

Amazingly, the game reveals what YOU need to know about the intention you’ve sent. I say it’s divinely guided. You may move the pieces and draw the cards, but your higher power is helping reveal exactly the right message.Ann Ranson with the Transformation Game

And if you’re interested in purchasing the board game so you can play anytime, just click here.

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The Transformation Game originated in Findhorn Scotland, home to one of the first intentional, sustainable communities in the world. For more information about Findhorn:
The Game is designed to take you on a personal journey of self-discovery. It plays like a board game while revealing profound and actionable insights.
A maximum of 4 people will join the demo via zoom (link available on registration). You’ll get to see how the game works and have the opportunity to ask 1-2 personal questions that you need help with. Come prepared to ask what you need to know about relationships, money, career….whatever is on your heart to know.
Monday, June 20, 5-7pm central
A zoom link and complete instructions will be sent for you to join the game.
There are only 4 seats per game demo.