The Transformation Game

The Transformation Game has been played by thousands of people around the globe, but had it’s origins in tiny Findhorn Scotland in 1978. Among the first, if not THE first intentional community in the world, Findhorn came to fame when word got round about a 40-pound cabbage they had grown. Learn more about the Findhorn community here. And if you want to be really wowed watch this video with Findhorn Foundation founders Emily and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean about the beginning of this unique and magical place.


Gate to the original Findhorn garden

Gate to the original Findhorn garden


The Game was created first by Joy Drake and later refined with the help of Kathy Tyler. Their first game was played in Findhorn in 1978. Today, Joy and Kathy continue their work in Findhorn, around the world and through InnerLinks, their website. Over the years they have trained and Accredited dozens of Advanced Game Facilitators, including me, who attended their very rigorous training program in 2016. Thankfully, I graduated having demonstrated my proficiency with the Game, though not all did.

The box game is available here on my website. AND, I also encourage you to consider registering for a Facilitated Transformation Game experience. It takes your growth potential to a whole new level.

By now, I’m sure you’re anxious to know – what is the Transformation Game?

It is a board game, but so much more. Some say that it’s like a conscious version of Monopoly, though it has nothing to do with money or real estate!

I believe the Transformation Game to be one of the best tools for self-discovery that I have experienced.


Setting an Intention

One of the central aspects of the Game is the INTENTION that you set prior to beginning play. The idea is to set an intention to guide the Game and its moves giving you relevant and powerful insights as you move from the Physical Level to the Emotional, Mental, then finally the Spiritual Level.

Game play begins in the center of the board in the Source, where all players await their birth and arrival onto their path. The circle in the middle of the image above is the Source. Upon birth you move your token to the top position on your personal Life Path.


The Transformation Game Life Path

The Transformation Game Life Path


Playing the Game

Once born, you journey around your Life Path on the Game Board, encountering squares designed to offer you insights, opportunities for service, awareness of potential setbacks, and more. The amazing thing about the Game is that every square where you land will offer information that is directly related to your intention. That’s why we spend a good amount of energy setting an intention because it truly does become filter through which all of that information is processed. When you play with an Accredited Advanced Facilitator, they are trained to help you interpret and explore the deepest meaning of each move.

As you accomplish certain milestones, you will move up Level by Level until you reach the Spiritual Level. Each Level offers a unique set of Awarenesses to help you understand how your INTENTION is impacted by what happens on that Level. Individual play is complete when all of the Game Milestones have been achieved.

Once the Game is complete, there’s a process to more deeply understand your game, and how you can carry what you’ve learned back into your daily life.

Follow up Coaching Sessions are offered for 1:1 processing of your results. And periodic gatherings are hosted for players to get to know each other and to further explore how to live the insights you’ve gained.


Transformation Game in play

The Transformation Game in play


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