About Our Work

Intentions Work is a division of Bottom Line 3 Marketing, Inc. a Texas-based S Corporation that also operates By the Grace of Tea, a gourmet tea company. All of our work relates to connection which is also one of owner Ann Ranson’s top 5 talents, according to Now Discover Your Strengths. Ann sees and seeks connection in her work and in her personal life.

Bottom Line 3 Marketing: Triple Bottom LineBottom Line³ Marketing:

Spoken Bottom Line to the third power Marketing concentrates on marketing and strategy services based on the business philosophy, Triple Bottom Line (TBL), thus the name Bottom Line 3. TBL states that every organization has three bottom lines: people, planet and profit. While traditional businesses focus on and by law are mandated to concentrate on the profit bottom line, research shows that dollar profits are improved when the people and planet bottom lines are also respected. To learn more about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) read what the Business Roundtable published in 2019 about the evolving role of business in these areas. BR’s “Statement of Purpose” can be found here.

To Ann, BL3 Marketing personifies her belief that strategy and marketing are truly means of connection.  Marketing is a series of conversations between sellers, buyers, producers, suppliers and investors. Strategy is the way that we connect to and communicate the path from here to there.

By the Grace of Tea: Gourmet TeaBy the Grace of Tea:

introduces another type of connection. The ritual of tea is intimate and often shared. It is a way for us to connect to others, to ourselves and even to a particular moment. It can be very intentional and relaxing. The company was started as a way to help people come together for connection and conversation.

Its mission is to connect people to the joys of tea and the conversations it invites.


Intentions Work rounds out the portfolio with its work to help boomers really live life to the fullest. By embracing the idea that living is an art and finding what ‘makes you come alive, you will truly be living your life with meaning and purpose. We offer a variety of tools for self-discovery, growth and enlightenment.

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