What’s Next Coaching Circles

A Proven Roadmap for finding meaning and empowerment
in the next chapter of your life

Do you face looming retirement, downsizing,
or empty nest and feel a little lost or unsure what to do with your life?

Welcome to the What’s Next Coaching Circles, where your evolving nature is explored!

This six-month coaching program is designed specifically for professional women over 50 who are ready to explore what’s next in their lives, professionally and personally.

The What’s Next Coaching Circle is a trusted process to (re)connect you with your true self so that you discover what’s next with joy and confidence.

Imagine how your life will change when you have:

  • Guidance on finding answers to your burning questions
  • The accountability you need to figure out and act on your next best move
  • The tools that will help you explore what is next so that you wake up each morning full of joy and meaning
  • A close community, support, and feedback of smart, professional women (like you) going through the exact same challenges and struggles 

Imagine having a meaningful future that uplifts your soul and makes you feel courageous.


Imagine shining your light, taking charge of the rest of your life, and creating the best possible future for yourself.


Let me tell you a little secret…


You are more than capable of living your most empowered life true to your inner self. Let me show you how!

Do any of the statements below resonate with you?

  • I got so immersed in my career and my family that I forgot who I truly was and what I loved doing.
  • I followed a career path that made my loved ones so proud of me but left my soul longing for something more.
  • I let others (mother/father/brother/husband/neighbors/staff/peers) define me for so long that I feel like I lost me.
  • I didn’t even realize that I was allowed to ask, “What do I need?” until well into adulthood, or perhaps…right now.
  • I fear becoming irrelevant, even invisible.
  • I am stuck – I know there’s something more available in my life, but I need help creating and walking a path toward it.
  • I long for a deeper sense of self.
  • I am afraid to face the aging process, and I want to make the most of what lies ahead.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the What’s Next Coaching Circles might be the answer you are looking for!

Who am I, and why should you trust me?

Hi, I’m Ann Ranson, and I help professional women face and invite what’s next in their lives.

My mission is to EMPOWER WOMEN to find their next chapter and live fulfilled lives with joy, purpose, and passion – the lives they were destined to live.

We all face changes; after all, change is what is constant in life. Yet, change can be really hard for most of us. I know that because I certainly struggled when my son left for college. As a single parent, besides work, my son and his activities took up most of my time, and I loved it.

But when he left, I had a LOT of time on my hands. And that is when I began exploring and discovered the most empowered chapter of my life. I’ve never been happier! Now, I help professional women facing looming retirement, downsizing, or empty nest go through the transition with grace.

I am truly passionate about helping you move through transitions more easily, effectively, and authentically.

Ann Ranson, Legacy Coach and Trainer

Now, back to you.

You are ready to change, and I know that because, otherwise, you would not be reading this.

The reason why you are here on this page is no coincidence. You are here because you’re in search – in search of your true self and what is next in your chapter of life, right?

I am like you, and that’s why I have created this community – so that you and other like-minded women can find a safe and supportive place where we can share all of the tools, accountability, inspiration, and guidance to fully walk on this path. Will you join us on this journey?


The Details

The What’s Next Coaching Circles process mirrors the continual unfolding and discovery of what is true for you, exploring possibilities to move forward, release obstacles; and creating real action steps. In this six-month program, we will follow this process:

  • Discovery
  • Possibility
  • Release
  • Action

When does the What’s Next Coaching Circles Start?

Circle members must apply for acceptance to ensure a good match for all participants. Applications open in March, and the What’s Next Coaching Circles starting April.

How long does it run, and what is included?

The coaching program runs for six months and includes exclusive access to:

  • Closed group of professional women over 50 who are ready to explore what’s next
  • Kick-off virtual tea party
  • Six group coaching circle meetings 90′, one per month
    • Brief educational topic presentation
    • Crowd-sourced support
    • Monthly activities
  • Five private 1:1, 50-minute coaching sessions to work on your personal needs
  • Personal Strengths reports, analysis, and private debrief session
  • Transformation Game experience (4.5 hours, virtual)
  • ‘Life 360’ self-assessment
  • Permission to live, laugh and love yourself
  • A safe space to be authentically you, to ask for help, to support others, to express curiosity about possibilities, to honor your evolving wants and needs, in confidence
  • Follow-up programs on What’s Next and My Sacred Life

Who is the What’s Next Coaching Circles for?

The What’s Next Coaching Circles is for you if:

  • You are ready to start living a more fulfilled, and empowered life
  • You are ready to change and create a meaningful future
  • You want to grow and explore new possibilities
  • You are ready to take charge of the rest of your life

Who is the Next Coaching Circle not for?

This is not for you if :

  • You don’t want to change and embrace your true self
  • You are not open to learn and grow
  • You are not ready to live the best version of your life

How do you become part of the What’s Next Coaching Circles?

  1. Book your free breakthrough call to see if we are a good fit. This is a close community of like-minded women, and we have to make sure our energies align.

  2. If you are accepted, I will send you all of the details on enrollment. After you enroll, you can learn, grow, have fun, be authentic, and find answers to your burning questions and challenges.

What is the investment?

$3000 in one installment or $550 per month

Take a Look at What Other People Are saying About Ann’s Coaching

Ann helps her clients achieve success through a powerful combination of keen insight, caring, challenging, and encouraging. I highly recommend Ann as someone who gets straight to the heart of the issue, and efficiently helps her clients accomplish important shifts in thinking and behavior.

~Rachel, President

I’ve known Ann for over ten years, first as a colleague, then as her boss and most recently as a client of her coaching. I was in a transition mode at the time and from that discussion, I was able to make a change which included leaving a company where I spent 21 years. She helped me prioritize and understand my own personal drivers. She was a great asset and on a personal level is a very warm and loving person.

~Debbie, President

Ann has been extremely helpful to me as a coach.  For example, I formulated a strategic vision/business goal that was important for me to manifest.  It would have been easy for me to lose my strategic focus even if it would have been only temporarily.  Instead, Ann has assisted me to consistently stay focused and true to my vision and goal – regardless of what else was going on in my world.  She has demonstrated her ability to integrate spiritually oriented success factors, with a down to earth, bottom-line oriented business perspective.  I have found her insights to be both practical and valuable – and continue to use her services.

~Richard, MBA, PhD

You have a choice

It’s my life’s mission to empower women to live bold lives filled with joy, purpose, and passion – the lives they were destined to live. I want to help YOU!

But you have to make a CHOICE.

Will you keep living by default and stay in your comfort zone?

Or will you choose to apply for the What’s Next Coaching Circle and make a baby step towards change and living the empowered and authentic life that you were destined to live?

Do you know what your choice is going to be?

Not sure if the What’s Next Coaching Circles is right for you? That’s ok. Book your free breakthrough consultation to discuss the details and decide if the What’s Next Coaching Circles is the right fit.